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Are OMY gummies vegan?

OMY gummies are suitable for vegans.

Are OMY gummies non-gmo?

Yes, all OMY gummies are non-gmo.

Are OMY gummies Halal?

OMY gummies are manufactured in a facility with Halal certification. The gummies are in com

Are OMY gummies gluten-free?

All OMY gummies do not contain any gluten.

Is it advisable to consume OMY along with meals?

OMY Gummies can be taken irrespective of meals. However, for optimal absorption, it is suggested to ingest them with food.

Do OMY gummies cater to gluten-free and vegan dietary needs?

Indeed, our Gummies are produced in a facility free from allergens and do not contain gluten. Furthermore, they are devoid of gelatin or any ingredients derived from animals, hence they are fully vegan!

In which countries can I purchase OMY gummies?

At present, OMY Gummies are available for purchase in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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